Welcome to Bluesville

A destination for America’s bedrock music genre. With a robust roster of legendary artists, we’re turning up the volume on blues greats big and small — from prominent icons to lesser-known pioneering voices — and celebrating their continued influence on music today.

The myriad highways and byways of the blues all lead to Bluesville Records. Enjoy the ride!


This new iteration of Bluesville pays homage to the original Bluesville imprint launched by Prestige Records. The original imprint was created to preserve the blues genre and highlight its key living figures. Now, Bluesville Records seeks to elevate the legacies of the artists behind the albums and honor their immeasurable impact on modern music.

Our Labels

As part of Craft Recordings, Bluesville Records sources its selections from the celebrated catalog of iconic labels such as these.

Vee Jay Records Logo
Vanguard Records Logo
Riverside Records Logo
Stax Records Logo
Prestige Records Logo
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